The Lost Village of Terminal Island
Special Edition Narrated by Rob Fukuzaki

A little known corner in the Port of Los Angeles was once home to nearly 3000 Japanese immigrants and their families.  These pioneers of the fishing industry prospered for several decades until 1941, when World War II triggered the tragic end to their tight-knit village. The Lost Village of Terminal Island is the story of this unique place as told by its original inhabitants, the American-born Nisei who spent their childhood there.  From its formation nearly 100 years ago to the ongoing struggle to keep the community alive, these Nisei will always consider Terminal Island their Furusato Home Sweet Home. 42 minutes.

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Terminal Island Mosaic Poster

This 36"x24" poster was produced in partnership with The Terminal Islanders club and the California Civil Liberties Public Education Program (CCLPEP). The images span over 100 years of the Terminal Island community past and present. In addition, many historical photos were discovered at the San Pedro Bay Historical Society. 1,290 images were used to construct the mosaic of the Kanji characters "Furusato", which means "Home Sweet Home." The characters were drawn by Yukio Tatsumi, president of the Terminal Islanders club. Printed on heavy stock, suitable for framing.
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